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Dear Breeders
Welcome to the Kedrah House Stud's new site for the 2013 breeding season which is designed to aid both you and us to navigate through these difficult times for horse breeders.
We at Kedrah House Stud are very conscious of the difficulties facing the industry but are equally conscious that the breeding of top quality horses has a very bright future. This long term plan and the solid breeding foundation established over the last decade by many Irish breeders should not be thrown out  now because of the short term blip in the industry.Controlling costs while producing the highest quality horses is a huge factor in the future sustainability of the Industry.
Kedrah House Stud, whose reputation for the provision of top class stallions is evident daily by there representation at all major competitions throughout the world, have this year made a conscious decision to reduce costs for breeders while maintaining the highest quality stallions and services for the equine industry.
The honours of the progeny of Kedrah House Stud on the world stage continue to roll in on a daily basis  with Lux, Ricardo and Courage having  winners throughout the world. Lux has progeny jumping at world cup level  Uthascha and Tornesch who have both won and been  placed In world cup classes in 2013.  Ricardo is the world leading living sire of event horses for 2012 (WBFSH), a phenominal  achievment for a relatively young stallion.  Couple this  to the consistent results achieved by Kedrah House Stud stallions at all national  shows (11 of the 20 horses in final of €40,000  Irish Breeders Classic were by Kedrah House Stud stallions ). These facts clearly show that we know how to select stallions to complement our irish mares.
To continue this tradition this year we are offering two new very exciting stallions, a young 5 year old called Dawn Lux and a proven sire Quidam Junior , just arrived back from the USA. Both will stand at Kedrah House Stud and are both fully IHB approved. They will join Lux, Ricardo, Yeats and Cassino to offer our breeders an excellent choice of world class stallions.

The world market for top class horses is very strong  for irish breeders . To capitalize on this market we need to produce more high class foals  and improve our sales preparation and marketing .
To this end Kedrah House Stud  are offering a free internet horse sales service to our clients 

World Class Horses -
  "Somethings show how far we have come , others how far we have to go... "

Wishing you all the best for the coming breeding season,
Thomas P and Magette Meagher

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